Welcome to Shon Stewart Animation

Pillars of Eternity 2 - Game Play Trailer

I helped out with:

  • Maya animations and Adobe After Effects work for the game's opening cinematic 0:00-0:18, and 01:04-01:07
  • Implementation of the emerge system visible throughout the video 
  • Re-vamped the combat system to allow for improved animations. I worked on the systems not the animations. We re-worked Hit reactions, attacks, spells, and navigation animations 0:42-0:54
  • Giant humanoid statue animations 0:19, and 0:29 

Tyranny - Game a Intro

I was responsible for all the motion graphics work. I didn't do any of the art myself. My job was to make the art work move. I learned a lot about how to work in After Effects during production of this sequence.

Shon Stewart Animations

This Video is my most recent personal project. More can be found on the Animations page. 

About Me

My background

I am an animator. I've been messing around in the world of animation sense 1990.

My Experience

The vast majority of my professional experience with animation has taken place at Obsidian Entertainment. I've been working there for the past 14 Years.

I'm very poud fo the games I've been a part of making so far.

What is this website for?

The goal of this website is to keep tack of some of the stuff I've done related to animation.