Pillars of Eternity 2 - Game Play Trailer

I helped out with:

  • Maya animations and Adobe After Effects work for the game's opening cinematic 0:00-0:18, and 01:04-01:07 (2017)
  • Implementation of the emerge system visible throughout the video 
  • Re-vamped the combat system to allow for improved animations. I worked on the systems not the animations. We re-worked Hit reactions, attacks, spells, and navigation animations 0:42-0:54
  • Giant humanoid statue animations 0:19, and 0:29 


Tyranny - Game a Intro

I was responsible for all the motion graphics work. I didn't do any of the art myself. My job was to make the art work move. I learned a lot about how to work in After Effects during production of this sequence. (2016)

South Park The Stick of Truth

The Stick of Truth was the first project I was an animation lead on. My animation team ballooned up to 18 developers at one point. We are all very proud of how the game turned out. (2013)

Fallout: New Vegas


Alpha Protocol

I was the cinimatics lead on Alpha Protocol. This was my first experience managing a team of people. This video has some of my favorite shots that I worked on. (2010)

Never Winter Nights 2

Some of the Animations I created for Never Winter Nights 2 (2006)

Games I have Worked on: