Ross in real Life

Facial animation practice. I don't get a lot of opportunities to create fully animated facial animations at work. This took a while, easily over 100 hours of work. I'm very happy with how it turned out. (2015)

Epic Kiss

Animation practice - Timed to music. Used Reference from SYTYCD Dance Routine. (2012)

Don't Push!

 This is my entry into the 11 Second Club December 2011 Competition. This project consumed all my free time in the month of December. The audio is from Galaxy Quest. 

He is Better At This (2010)

 11 second club entry July 2010. I got 32nd place out of 200 or so. 

The Bad Night Light

Student Film (2004)

Oficial Selection of the New Port Beach Film Festival.

Mutton Chops

School Project - Short animation (2003)

  • I did the 2D Flash Animation work.
  • Story Boards and Character designer are by Micheal Rogers.

Space Wart

Team Student project. (2002)

The Big Chip Adventure

Student Film 2002

Pass me the ball

Neat example of puppet animation in adobe after FX. (2003)